MISSION STATEMENT: REDPLAN is an association owned and run by its members for the purpose of protecting the intellectual property of member companies, promoting the common interests of the real estate information industry and keeping its members informed of pertinent issues.

The goals of REDPLAN are as follows:

  • One of the key goals of REDPLAN is to provide its members with a more efficient and organized method to protect their intellectual property rights.
  • REDPLAN will create a coordinated strategy to protect against data and listing content pirates, who have been free riding off the MLSs and real estate brokerage firms’ valuable intellectual property.
  • REDPLAN will provide a litigation clearing-house that can provide immediate and targeted action against potential data pirates and copyright infringers.
  • REDPLAN will provide an efficient mechanism and help to create best practices relating to the copyrighting of valuable real estate intellectual property.
  • REDPLAN will help promote practical best practices in connection with the licensing and syndication of real estate data.

REDPLAN™ was created to help the real estate information industry protect their intellectual property, or IP. If someone doesn’t know how to protect their valuable data, REDPLAN™ is there to support members and their legal counsel every step of the way.

REDPLAN™ supports its Member Companies in their pursuit of data pirates, scrapers, bootleggers, etc with a 360° view of IP protection. Our original vision is that all good citizens of the real estate information world are ready to stand with one voice. This collective action is to secure our life blood, our intellectual property, so that together we will stop the bad actors and help shut down the real estate data black and gray market.

Though Member Companies may be competitors in the day-to-day business world, we can all agree how essential the value of our information is and how crucial it is to protect it. Standing alone, we are easy targets for nefarious data pirating but standing together, with one goal, we can deter the damaging practices that hurt the entire real estate information industry.

REDPLAN is governed by a board of directors including representatives of MLSs, Associations, Brokerages, Franchises and Information Companies. The board oversees investigation focus, litigation strategy, best practice development and industry outreach.

The board is currently composed of:

Gregg Larson
Clareity Consultinggregg
Claude Szyfer
Stroock, Stroock & LavanClaude Szyfer
John Mosey
NorthstarMLSJohn Mosey
Victor Lund
WAV Group
Victor Lund
Ira Luntz
SolutionstarIra Luntz
Merri Jo Cowen
MFRMLSMerriJo Cowen
John Leonardi
Buffalo Niagara AoRJohn Leonardi
Chris Galler
Minnesota AoR
Chris Galler
Martin Scrocchi
Instanet Solutions

Legal Committee

REDPLAN has a legal committee consisting of a number of industry attorneys, the vision of which is to be a resource for the protection and promotion of real estate intellectual property rights through vetting the use of real estate information, creating industry best practices standards and assisting in the enforcement and decision making regarding those intellectual property rights. The mission of the legal committee is to set and provide standards of excellence for fair information practices for the real estate information industry.

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