REDPLAN Names Matt Cohen Archivist of Prior Art Library

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September 9, 2015

Darity Wesley

REDPLAN™ Names Matt Cohen Archivist and Curator of Prior Art Library

Scottsdale, Ariz. (September 9, 2015) – REDPLAN™, Inc., has named Matt Cohen, Chief Technologist of Clareity Consulting, Archivist and Curator of its newly formed Library of Prior Art. At its May 2015 meeting, the REDPLAN Board of Directors voted to create a Library of Prior Art to be used in connection with future patent troll cases against the industry.

Named as one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in 2013, Matt Cohen has two decades of extensive real estate technology experience. He has consulted for many of the top Associations, regional MLSs, MLS software vendors, large brokerages and a wide variety of information and technology companies that service the real estate industry. Matt is a professional speaker at many conferences, workshops and leadership retreats around the country, including various state associations, MLS, NAR, Inman and Council of MLS conferences.

“With the addition of such a well known and respected leader as Matt Cohen as the Archivist and Curator, the efficacy of REDPLAN as a force to benefit the entire real estate information industry grows stronger daily,” said Darity Wesley, REDPLAN’s Executive Administrator.

REDPLAN is calling for the submission of Prior Art, which can be either physical or digital, to archive in its searchable Library of Prior Art. The Library will include information that is non-confidential and which can be used to prove that prior art existed and was available to the public in any form before a given date, thus helping to support or defend against a patent’s claim of originality. This information could include things such as software manuals, contracts, proposals, printouts and even pieces of hardware. Please be assured, that information that is submitted for inclusion in the Library will be protected and not used for any purpose other than for creating the Library for the benefit of the real estate information industry and the ethical companies that support the industry.

“Knowledge of this Library can serve as a not so secret weapon to act as a deterrent to frivolous patent trolling,” explained, Committee Co-Chair, Ira Luntz, of Real Estate Digital.

“We would be able to not only discourage frivolous lawsuits, but in the event a lawsuit is pursued, the Library can help offer clear and convincing evidence establishing facts that lead to a legal conclusion of invalidity of such patent.” said Committee Co-Chair, John Mosey, of NorthStar MLS.


REDPLAN, Inc. is an organization dedicated to protecting the real estate information industry’s copyrighted materials and intellectual property rights. Along the lines of the Business Software Alliance and ASCAP, REDPLAN™ supports members in all aspects of intellectual property protection including their pursuit of data pirates, scrapers, bootleggers, etc. which will help shut down the data black market. REDPLAN™’s Board of Directors and member companies are comprised of Associations of REALTORS®, Brokerages, Franchises, Real Estate Information Companies and those who compile real estate data.


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