REDPLAN Announces Two New Intellectual Property Initiatives

REDPLAN™, Real Estate Data Protection Legal Association Nonprofit, held its regular Board of Directors meeting in Washington DC during the week of NAR’s Legislative Meetings. At that meeting, the Board, among other things, voted to approve the creation of two new, exciting initiatives:

  1. the establishment of a Library of Prior Art to be used for the defense and protection of real estate related technology and data intellectual property rights in future patent troll cases against the industry, and
  2. the establishment of a National Forms Registry to help document copyrighted forms and the valid uses/users.

Two working groups were formed to further define these initiatives.

In addition to these new initiatives, REDPLAN™ recently distributed over 60 copies of its Model Content License Agreement (MCLA) for organizations to use as a starting point for MLS Data licensing data to national portals or others.  Gregg Larson, Board Chair, was pleased to report that many MLS and Association executives expressed their thanks at the NAR Legislative Meetings for the MCLA and the volunteer time and legal expense it saved them.

“REDPLAN’s 2015 innovative contributions are benefiting all sectors of the real estate information industry by helping create a powerful voice to champion the protection and defense of the life blood our business- the flow of data,” says Darity Wesley, REDPLAN’s Executive Administrator.


REDPLAN, Inc. an organization dedicated to protecting the real estate information industry’s copyrighted materials and intellectual property rights. Along the lines of the Business Software Alliance and ASCAP, REDPLAN™ supports members in all aspects of intellectual property protection including their pursuit of data pirates, scrapers, bootleggers, etc. which will help shut down the data black market. REDPLAN™’s Board of Directors and member companies are comprised of Associations of REALTORS®, Brokerages, Franchises, Real Estate Information Companies and those who compile real estate data.

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