REDPLAN™ Announces Release of Model Content License Agreement for Direct Listing Distribution

Scottsdale, Ariz. – REDPLAN™, Inc., the real estate data protection association, along with other real estate leaders have been working diligently to produce a Model Content License Agreement (MCLA) for direct listing distribution and announced today that it is ready for the industry to begin using and customizing.

This MCLA is the product of years of inspiration and hard work. Multiple versions were drafted and included review and comment periods distributed to numerous industry thought-leaders for feedback. The incredible input and support for the MCLA include multiple industry attorneys (including those from the portals, MLSs, and independent attorneys), MLS executives, the members of the Realty Alliance, and others.

The industry needs a standard for direct listing distribution terms and this MCLA is a great starting point and will be a solution for many. REDPLAN™ will share this MCLA as a free benefit to its members. The MCLA will also be available for license at a fraction of the cost it would take to create a data licensing agreement through traditional methods. MCLA licensees can use the whole MCLA, or just parts and tailor it to meet their organization’s objectives.

Its creators view this agreement as a fair exchange of value between the content owner (broker and/or MLS) and the publishers. In many cases, the MCLA’s license terms are much better than the agreements organizations have been signing over the past year or two.

“Content licensing terms could be much better and more consistent. Some previous agreements offered a fair exchange of value, while others did not. Frankly, it’s like the wild, wild west with no law and order or standards in online real estate,” Gregg Larson, CEO of Clareity Consulting and REDPLAN’s Chairman of the Board, said.

The model content licensing agreement is now available for licensing from REDPLAN™. The license is free to REDPLAN™ members and $500 (one-time charge) for non-members. Please visit for more information about the MCLA or contact Darity Wesley with any questions.


REDPLAN, Inc. is an organization dedicated to protecting the real estate industry’s copyrighted materials and intellectual property rights. Protecting real estate data for its rightful owners has been a prominent issue in today’s information industry, thus giving reason to create REDPLAN™. REDPLAN™’s Board of Directors, is being garnered and will be comprised of representatives of its member companies: MLSs, Associations of REALTORS®, Brokerages, Franchises, Real Estate Information Companies and those who compile real estate data.  The advocacy group’s initial leadership team will be its growing Board of Directors.


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