REDPLAN stands for the Real Estate Data Protection Legal Association Nonprofit.  REDPLAN is an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of MLS and real estate brokerage intellectual property rights.

REDPLAN has four main purposes:

4 goalsi. REDPLAN serves as an advocacy group for the promotion of intellectual property rights for the real estate industry.

ii. REDPLAN serves as an incubator for best practices concerning new and innovative intellectual property usages and rights.

iii. REDPLAN provides investigative and monitoring services for the entire industry, and acts like a “central office” for alerts and advisories concerning data theft and misuse.

iv. REDPLAN acts as a clearing-house for litigation strategy and also – through an associational standing position – provides an organization to help class actions take hold so that MLSs, brokerages, and other companies do not have to fight for the protection of their intellectual property rights through individualized, and inefficient, isolated litigation.