REDPLAN ™ is an association owned and run by its members for the purpose of protecting the intellectual property of member companies, promoting the common interests of the real estate information industry and keeping its members informed of pertinent issues.

Claude Szyfer explains REDPLAN at the T3 Conference

4 goalsREDPLAN™ serves as an advocacy group for the protection and promotion of intellectual property rights for the real estate information industry as well as assistance in legal pursuit of those data pirates violating members’ rights. Like other large industry associations designed to protect its members, REDPLAN™ is here to provide power in collaboration, cooperation and communication through collective action to its members.

What are the Benefits of Being a Member?

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Member’s Current Intellectual Property Rights Protection Documents
  • Free Access to REDPLAN™ Data Use Compliance Tool Kits
  • Free Access to REDPLAN™ Copyright Tool Kit
  • Free Access to REDPLAN™ Cease and Desist Templates
  • Free Access to REDPLAN™ DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Take Down Notices
  • Member Education: Newsletters, Meetings, Updates
  • Anti‐Piracy Program‐ Monitoring, Reporting and Investigation
  • A Data Champion to Develop and Promote Model Legislation to Protect Real Estate Information
  • The Power of an Association to Work with Member’s Local Counsel
  • Participation in a War Chest to Support Enforcement and Legal Actions



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